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Welcome to First Facility Management, your trusted partner in comprehensive building management solutions.

How can FFM help you?

Regardless of your building’s size, First Facility Management’s dedicated team conducts weekly site inspections covering essential areas such as lighting, emergency systems, fire safety equipment, mechanical operations, security measures, and cleanliness standards. First Facility Management ensures that your property remains in optimal condition, with a keen eye on safety and functionality.

First Facility Management will inspect the site at least once a week for the following:

  • Fire exit stairwells.
  • Fire hose reels.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Checking all plant for alarms etc.
  • Checking if sump pits are operational.
  • Checking the cleanliness of the common areas, bin room, basements, etc.
  • Lighting.
  • Emergency and exit lighting.
  • Checking the operation of the lifts.
  • Ensuring that the mechanical ventilation is turned on.
  • Checking that CCTV is operating.
  • Provide footage from CCTV when requested.
  • Fire doors.
  • Keeping the Notice Board up to date.
  • Ensuring the garage gate is functional.
  • Checking overall security on the building.
  • Providing and supervising gardening and cleaning.
  • Supervising all trades attending the building, and all other services.

Harnessing cutting-edge software, First Facility Management streamlines building management with efficiency and precision. Our software facilitates:

  • Issuance and storage of work orders.
  • Seamless approval or rejection of invoices from trades.
  • Effective management of by-law breaches, including enforcement.
  • Instant communication with residents via email or text regarding essential updates and safety notifications.
  • Attendance at SC meetings and Strata Committees to address concerns and provide updates.
  • FFM provide a help line during normal working hours and in emergency outside normally working hours.
  • FFM will attend emergencies during normal working hours and outside normal working hours.
  • Broadcasting updates on remedial project statuses, behavioural guidelines, maintenance schedules, and more to owners, tenants, agents, and strata stakeholders.
  • Centralised storage of all case-related information, including scopes, photos, warranties, and specifications.
  • Generating and maintenance of the building’s asset register and key holder tracking system for further budgeting.
  • Preparation and distribution of comprehensive monthly reports to the Strata Committee and Strata.

First Facility Management commitment is to provide professional services tailored to the unique needs of your facility and its occupants, all at a reasonable cost.

First Facility Management prioritises flexibility and transparency, ensuring that your facility is not tied into a contract until it fully appreciates the value of our services.

In addition to routine inspections and maintenance, First Facility Management handles annual services such as facilitating fire safety statements and WHS reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

For your convenience, First Facility Management offers additional services such as low-level maintenance, power washing, window cleaning, and waste management, available upon request for an additional fee.

At First Facility Management, we prioritise site security and contractor accountability. All contractors undergo induction training on their first visit, and their subsequent visits are meticulously recorded to maintain a secure and organised environment.

First Facility Management is dedicated to providing a seamless experience for our clients, and our team brings extensive experience in managing both residential and commercial developments. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your professional team and eagerly anticipate requests for tenders for any new projects on the horizon.

Partner with First Facility Management for reliable and cost-effective facility management and cleaning solutions that make a difference.

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